Reset TP-LINK AD7200 Router Forgot Default IP Username Password

TP-Link AD7200 Router

Is your TP-LINK AD7200 router not working correctly? You may experience issues such as connection loss, slow response, or inconsistent performance. Restart/Reboot also not solving. Before going for any other solution, you should reset the TP-LINK AD7200 router to avoid such problems.

You can also reset the password if you forgot the previous password or misconfigured the router. The wrong configuration will make the router unable to use. For default password resetting, there are plenty of ways to try.

How to Reset/Factory Default the TP-LINK AD7200 router Using Reset Button?

TP-Link AD7200 Reset Button

Follow our below simple step-by-step guidelines to reset the default password.

Step 1: First, find the reset button and press it for 10 seconds before starting the process. When you reset the TP-LINK AD7200 router, its default password is also reset. But make sure while you press the reset button, its LED lights should blink.

Step 2:  Wait until the TP-LINK AD7200 router restart once its default password has reset.

Default IP, Username and password for TP-LINK AD7200 router

Thoes are the default IP, username and password to access router panel

Default IPUsernamePassword adminadmin


How to reset the TP-LINK AD7200 router default password by using a web-based page setup?


Step 1: Get access to the web-based setup page for the TP-LINK AD7200 router using default IP and your set username and password

Step 2: Then click on the “Administration” and next click on “Factory defaults”

Step 3: Next to that, tap on the “Restore factory defaults” button in the Factory defaults menu.

Step 4: Once you have reset the TP-LINK AD7200 router to default settings, then reconfigure it according to internet connection services.

While resetting and configuring, make sure power LED lights should keep blinking for a couple of moments.


How to reset TP-LINK AD7200 router by 30-30-30 reset method?


You have tried both options above, but you cannot reset the TP-LINK AD7200 router to the default password. No worry, the 30-30-30 reset method may help you to reset the default password.

Step 1: Turn on the TP-LINK AD7200 router and press the “reset button” for 30 seconds.

Step 2: After 30 seconds, unplug the router from the switch but keep the “reset button” pressed. Do not spare the reset button for 30 seconds more even if the TP-LINK AD7200 router is off.

Step 3: Keep button press and turn on the router; while starting, keep button press for 30 seconds more.

Step 4: After 30 seconds, free the reset button, you will see the password has been reset. It is an authentic way that will work for any brand and model of router.


How to change the TP-LINK AD7200 router password?


You may need more security to keep your TP-LINK AD7200 router safe from unauthorized access. A default password is easy to guess. So for security, you should change the default password. Follow below simple steps to change your TP-LINK AD7200 router password.

Step 1: Get access to TP-LINK AD7200 router web-based setup page for password changing.

Step 2:  Now click on the “Administration” tab on the web-based setup page

Step 3: Here, in the management section, you will see “Router password” and “Re-Enter to confirm” options. Enter the password in the first tab and then enter the same password in the confirmation tab.

Step 4: Once you enter a password, click on “Save” to save a new password.

How to change the TP-LINK AD7200 router Default IP address?

Step 1: Login to your web interface

Step 2:From Web interface go to Advanced > Network > LAN > Change as preferred in IP Address field > Save changes.

How to Reboot TP-Link AD7200?

You can use the power switch to turn it off and after 5 min turns it on. Else Unplugging your TP-Link Talon AD7200 every 3 months can fix internet connection problems, improve slow-moving connections and resolve wireless issues altogether. Rebooting a modem is an effective way to stay proactive (Never reset, always reboot unless you need for certain conditions).

How do I find my default tp-link AD7200 WiFi password?

When you first turn on your router and to set up the router you need to have access to the router. You will find the default SSID and password in the label under the router.

wireless password on the TP-Link Router


Final thoughts


Your TP-LINK AD7200 router may often show problems such as slow connectivity or connection loss.  If rebooting or restarting the modem doesn’t help. Then nothing to worry about, you can easily remove the issue by resetting it to its default state, make sure you know the settings of your internet provider to set the router with their configuration.

We have provided three easy ways to reset the default password. Once you have reset the default password, you can also change it for security purposes.

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